About Us Copy


Our Vision

StrongPeople envisions a diverse community of individuals who are fit, strong, and healthy; in turn these empowered individuals become agents of change for their families, communities, and beyond.

Together with our partners, StrongPeople will accomplish this by:

  • Creating, evaluating, and sustaining transformative community-based nutrition, physical activity, and obesity prevention programs and civic engagement initiatives that include relevant policy, system, and environmental (PSE) changes, with the goal of promoting a culture of health and supporting health equity.
  • Conducting innovative, translational research including community-based interventions and dissemination research with at-risk populations and in underserved settings.

Our Director

Rebecca A. Seguin-Fowler,

Dr. Rebecca A. Seguin-Fowler co-wrote the StrongPeople Strength Training curriculum and has directed StrongPeople since 2003. She is currently the Associate Director for Texas A&M AgriLife Research; Chief Scientific Officer for the Healthy Texas Institute; and Associate Professor with tenure in the Department of Nutrition, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She also serves as Director of the Healthy Living pillar at the Texas A&M AgriLife Dallas Center.

Dr. Seguin-Fowler’s research is grounded in clinical and community-based intervention development and evaluation as well as dissemination research, curriculum development and adaptation, and training allied health professionals.