Become a Program Ambassador

Become a StrongPeople
Program Ambassador


A Program Ambassador is an individual qualified to teach workshops for training new Program Leaders for one or more of the StrongPeople Programs* on behalf of an affiliated nonprofit organization. Ambassadors are trained and experienced StrongPeople Program Leaders who have been leading community programs for at least 6-12 months before applying to enter the Ambassador-in-Training (AIT) program. The AIT program includes extensive training with StrongPeople leadership and culminates in an observed Leader Workshop, planned and hosted by the AIT. Ambassadors can earn funding for their programs by charging fees for Leader Workshops and receive additional support and benefits.

*Currently only available for the StrongPeople Strong Bodies Program. Additional programs to come.

In order to be eligible to become a Program Ambassador, you must:

Complete a Program Leader Training Workshop or online course and receive Program Leader certification.

Actively offer program classes for at least 6-12 months before applying.

Be affiliated with, or work in a nonprofit setting where classes are offered. Ambassadors are approved in conjunction with their affiliated nonprofit organization and are in place for the duration of their affiliation.

Have organizational capacity and infrastructure to offer 2-4 Leader Workshops per year. Ambassadors are required to host a minimum of 2 public workshops per year to maintain an active status.

Strong Bodies Program ONLY: Be personally strength training (outside of teaching classes).

Experience & Credentials

Experience and credentials for Program Ambassador are the same as for Program Leaders for each of the programs.

Accepted applicants to the AIT program will undergo additional training with StrongPeople leadership culminating in a live Leader Workshop, planned and hosted by the AIT, and observed (usually remotely) by leadership. The additional training includes provision of the scripted Workshop materials, in-depth review sessions of the Workshop material talking points, and exercise demonstration sessions including modifications. Core competencies vary by program but may include: research behind the program; safety, fidelity, and progression; program implementation, operations, maintenance, and rules; and exercise technique, modifications, and feedback.

See Program Specific Program Handouts below for more detailed information on each Program AIT curriculum.  

NOTE: Credentialing as a Program Ambassador is not guaranteed; it is earned upon successful demonstration of the core competencies by the AIT, per StrongPeople leadership determination.

Program Investment

The AIT program fee is $6,000 per trained Ambassador. Payment is due 30 days prior to certifying Workshop. In-person attendance and observation of the Workshop by SP Leadership is optional and an additional $3,000.

Costs for hosting the certifying Workshop are $200 per attendee for Leader Materials, and approximately $30-40 per attendee for refreshments (provided by trainee/host). There may be additional cost for room and equipment rental depending on the location/organization.

The AIT’s organization will set the price for the Workshop for attendees (not to exceed $500). It usually takes two hosted workshops to cover all of the AIT program’s associated fees; thereafter, all net proceeds can be put back into program growth and equipment.

Partial scholarships are sometimes available. Please email for more information.

Required application information can be submitted via the online application system below and includes:

  • Dates, locations, trainer(s) for the Leader workshop you’ve attended (or date of online training)
  • Experience and details regarding your implementation of the program and why you wish to become an Ambassador (not to exceed 200 words)
  • How many trainings you plan to offer each year
  • Name, email address, and phone number for at least 5 current or past program participants who are willing to serve as a reference for the applicant
  • A link to an uploaded video of you leading a program class from set up to completion. Participants and the leader must be viewable, and it must be a regular ongoing class with a participant contact list
  • Resume or CV
  • Letter of support from supervisor within sponsoring organization that notates understanding of costs and expectations for the leader and organization

A screening interview (30-60 minutes) will be scheduled following review of the application materials.

Click the button below to submit your application. No payment is required at time of submission.