StrongPeople Change Club

A Civic Engagement Program

The StrongPeople Change Club program aims to empower residents to improve their food and physical activity environments of the community through strategic civic engagement, capacity building activities, and collective action.

The curriculum provides a stepwise process for people to assess the nutrition and physical activity environment of their community, prioritize an issue of concern, engage stakeholders, and develop and implement a plan that will catalyze sustainable and positive changes that can contribute to a culture of health and support health equity. The curriculum can be delivered in-person or virtually. The first half of the curriculum contains 12 modules focused on civic engagement and developing a plan for built environment change. These 12 modules can be delivered in two different versions: 1) a condensed program that can be completed in two 5-hour sessions; 2) an extended program that can be completed in twelve 30- to 60-minute weekly sessions. After completing the 12 modules, the second half of the curriculum involves weekly project implementation meetings. The purpose of these project implementation meetings is to complete the group’s selected community project. The schedule and length of these meetings will be informed by the group’s action plan and project timelines developed during the first half of the curriculum. However, on average, the project implementation can be completed in twelve 1-hour weekly meetings.