Success Stories

Success Stories

65+ Women in a StrongWomen Program Are All Increasing Their Muscle Strength!

“There are some 65+ women enrolled in our program – age ranges from 49 to a gal who just celebrated her 91st birthday. I personally am 81 and just started my third session and I am amazed at what most of these women have accomplished: lowered blood pressure, weight loss, MUCH increase in muscle strength and ease of movement. I have watched one woman in particular who could barely lift her foot off the ground and now is able to lift it 3-4 inches and also has been able to increase the movement in her arms – started with 1 lb weights and is now at 2 1/2. Phenomenal! WE ARE, as Maya Angelou has poeticized – Phenomenal Woman.”

-Kay, Mercer, WI

Strong and Thankful

“I am 87 years old and live in New Hampshire. Late last fall I got very sick and ended up in the hospital. I am convinced because of my strength training for so many years prior to the illness that my recovery from chemotherapy and a month in the hospital was much easier and quicker. I was even able to get out cross-skiing several days a week this winter. I do feel strong and thankful.”

-Nancy, New Hampshire

From Severe Osteoporosis to Osteopenia – A True Success

“While being seen at a clinic for an unrelated problem, I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. I didn’t believe it, so I had the bone density repeated at another facility, which duplicated the results exactly. By happy coincidence, at the same time I heard a news article on the radio, which reported your study. I conferred with the physical therapists at my local rehab, who were happy to help me devise a personal program in sync with your study. I religiously followed this program of weight lifting and walking. When I discovered your book, Strong Women Stay Young, I was able to continue lifting weights at home, which saved me a trip to the gym several times a week.
I am delighted to report that my latest bone density study showed has improved. Of course, my physician’s assessment in follow-up the last four years has always been “excellent response to Fosamax,” which I am sure is true. However, I am convinced that your exercise program has significantly contributed to my bone density moving from severe osteoporosis to osteopenia. I am not a statistician, but moving two standard deviations below the mean, to 85% of expected peak young adult bone mineral density, sounds plenty good to me.
Thank you for your considerable contribution to my health and ability to maintain my lifestyle both now and in the years ahead.”


Weight Loss and Improved Mood

“I am a 34-year-old mom to a wonderful 22 month old little boy. I am a pure example of taking fitness to the next level and would love to tell you my story and to share my story. I have gone through the weight loss process 3 times now and the last time was due to pregnancy (I gained 36 lbs). I am 22 months post partum and currently weigh 10 lbs LESS than when I got pregnant. I am in the best shape of my life and am actually in better shape NOW than I was before I got pregnant.

The key to my fitness success story is variety and taking my fitness to the next level. For me it’s about believing in myself and my abilities; believing that I can do more than what my body is telling me that I can do! I have battled with my weight off and on for many years now. The first time I lost the weight, it took me roughly about 10 months. I lost close to 70 lbs within that time and was able to keep it off for a few years but then I started getting back into some bad habits and ended up gaining ½ (approx 35 lbs€ – weight was 171 at that time) the weight back when I got engaged. For my wedding, I got back on track and lost the weight I needed to lose in order to fit into my wedding dress (which fit at the time I bought it but because of the weight gain, 2 weeks before my dress fitting it didn’t fit). After I got married in June 2007, I continued doing what I needed to do in order to get myself back on track. The whole time I was still working out; my downfall was the food. I wasn’t counting calories and holding myself accountable for what I was eating. That time around I was able to lose a total of 50 lbs. Then in January 2010, I was pregnant was my first child and gained 36 lbs (which brought me back up to 171). Right after I had my son, I was back to working out and lost all the baby weight and a few extra pounds. Pre-pregnancy, I was 134, and to date I have been able to successfully maintain my weight of 123-125 since March 2012.

My overall outlook on life has changed since I got into shape. The world is no longer dark and gloomy. I can see the bright side of things and see the positive, rather than the negative. I am no longer depressed. (I was on anti-depressant medication when I first started gaining weight.) I have a lot of energy and look forward to being active and staying active. Before getting into shape, I was never a runner and never saw myself running. Since getting into shape, I have run countless 5Ks, 10Ks, and a few 15K races. Before I got pregnant, my goal was to run a half marathon. By the end of December 2009, I had run five half marathons before getting pregnant. It goes to show that anything is possible. I am currently training for two half marathons and hope to crush my finishing time from 2009. My exercise routine currently consists of P90X, Insanity as well as Insanity: The Asylum.”

-Lisa, Albany, NY

24-Year-Old Woman
Finds Her Inspiration

“I’m turning 24 in March. My motivation and perseverance to live a healthy lifestyle comes from seeing my Grandma and Mom take steps to stay active and eat right. I’m a healthy cooking and fitness enthusiast and always have been. I feel a calling to inspire other women of all ages to also take action to live a healthy balanced life and frequently recommend Strong Women as a reference tool. The Strong Women Nutrition Philosophy and Guidelines are very close to my heart and I love sharing this with others. If it weren’t for organizations like this, I would feel less motivated to keep inspiring others. I can’t help but feel stronger knowing how many women are also making a difference for themselves and others. This empowers me to keep my mission alive in my life and those I help and serve. Thank you for a wonderful program that has truly reached through to the hearts of so many woman.”

-Anonymous, Pittsburgh, PA

Lyndell Lost 32 Pounds and Lowered Her Blood Pressure!

“Last week I gave blood and had my BP checked in the process. I am thrilled to report that my BP is 120/74. When I had it checked last, it was 148/96. I have also lost a total of 32 lbs. since the beginning of the year. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the class and the huge impact it has had on my life. I am definitely a stronger and healthier women because of it. Keep up the good work. I hope this program is not eliminated due to budget cuts. It is worth every cent!!”

-Lyndell, Lancaster County, PA

Small Successes

“One of my participants reported it had been several years since she could get in and out of a bathtub. Then, one evening she got into the tub sat down and realized this was the first time she had done this in years! Also, most of the participants in the class are now able to grab their ankles on the stretching exercise! I have been amazed at how fast everyone is progressing!”

-Martha (StrongWomen Program Leader)

Almost Normal Bone Density

The book “Strong Women, Strong Bones,” was a huge inspiration to me. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1996; in the next few months I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I was given Strong Bones to read and it inspired me to pick myself up from the bottom of my “feel sorry for me because I have RA and osteo,” and I began working with a personal trainer to build my “strong bones” and become a strong woman. My last bone scan showed a “significant improvement” and I’m almost at normal bone density.


Inspired by Strong
Women Stay Young

I have been working out with weights now for about three years, having been inspired by reading Strong Women Stay Young. I feel stronger than I have in years. I have also been doing a fair amount of aerobic activity. This has allowed me to practice agility training with my dog Tug. The two of us competed in our first dog agility trial last summer. While we didn’t win, we sure had fun. And at 80 years old (for me) I was the oldest competitor at the event!


Strength Training Has
Improved Sherry’s

“I have been doing strength training religiously for over two years now. I feel and look great, and have nice muscle definition. I am now 52, a long-term runner (over 22 years), and it has really helped my running. I seem to be able to run faster without increasing my mileage, but mostly it has helped prevent injuries. One guy in my running club told me I looked like a goddess. How’s that for a compliment?”


Mom is Now a Great Pitcher

“I have been using your program for about three months. With the arrival of the baseball season, my nine-year-old son asked me to pitch so he could practice hitting. I was so surprised when I could throw with speed and strength. (I still need to work on my accuracy.) He was also surprised. He called me a “great pitcher.” My shoulder did not hurt. I felt strong. Prior to this I have never been very good at sports. This has motivated me more to continue my program and even add to it.”


Mimi Went From a Size 12 to a Size 8

“I first read a book review of SWSY in Walking magazine and was interested enough to buy the book. I have been an avid walker for over 20 years but did not feel strong, especially in my upper body. As I read the book and the testimonials I thought, “Yeah, right.” However, I bought some leg weights and dumbbells and started with 3-5 pound weights. To make a long story short, I became hooked immediately. At the end of six months I was up to 20 lbs for legs and 10-15 lbs for arms, combining a workout from the exercises in SWSY and SWSS (and doing a daily set of seven Pilates crunches). I had more energy and could not believe the changes in my body. I have gone from a size 12 to 8 in my jeans, and my “love handles” are gone. My husband loves my new body, I can do a pull up on my son’s pull up bar, whereas before I started I could hardly hang onto it. My 18 and 21 year old athletic children say “Gosh, Mom!” when I flex my muscles. I love the way I feel, and I have people constantly saying, “You’ve lost weight.” even though I really haven’t lost over 10 lbs. in about a year and a half period. I am 50 years old and have been doing this for 13 months now.”


Life is Easier to Live When You Feel Healthy!

“I had spent my whole life believing I did not like exercise! Of course, I had never tried it…It is just so much easier to live when you feel healthy – cleaning the house used to be a nightmare, now I just whiz through it on my way to something else! I just do so much more stuff – I even took up art classes, and find time to paint as well. I am just amazed. Really amazed.”


Not Self Conscious of Her Waist Any More!

“I’ve always felt conscious of my thick waist and upper arms, but in February, after only a month on the exercises (this was more mental freedom than physical results), I wore a sleeveless dress at work and went out to dinner with my husband telling him ‘it was my coming-out party (for my upper arms)’! I NOW HAVE A WAIST and I am so grateful to you for sharing this wonderful, simple solution.”


Reversing Osteopenia

“I am 58 and 10 weeks ago my doctor diagnosed osteopenia. My doctor suggested that I read Strong Women Stay Young. I read the book without delay and I am now in my 9th week of the strength training exercises. I train twice a week with free weights at home. In the nine weeks, I have reached 4.25kg each arm with the dumbbells and 6kg in each ankle cuff. My goal is to not only arrest the osteopenia, but reverse it!”


Strong Women Do Stay Young

“I am writing to thank you for your work with women. I first discovered you three or so years ago when I came across an article in Reader’s Digest. I began doing the exercises in the article and they changed my body and my life. I have all of your books and I am always buying more because I hand them out like the Gideons do Bibles.
Though I was never seriously overweight – 15 lbs at the most – your exercise plans have helped me to completely reshape my body. Time after time I read the testimonials of “pear” shaped women who changed with your program. I am another one of them. Today I have what I believe looks like an athletic figure. I have to laugh every time I look in the mirror at myself now. It is a joke to me because I always performed miserably at sports.
My weight is the same as it was in high school, over 20 years and two childbirths ago, but today I have a very different body shape. I was a little afraid of building my upper body since it was my only “skinny” part. Now I am glad I did. Even though I need a larger size at the top now the greater balance between the top and bottom halves of my body gives me a much better appearance.
I frequently see other women I knew in high school. Many have the pear-shaped figure with an emaciated look in the upper body. Most of us are now in our 40s and I have noticed that quite a few are already exhibiting the rounded, bent shoulders indicating the early stages of osteoporosis. Had it not been for you, I would no doubt be in the same condition. Instead, this summer at the community pool I was complimented several times on my great upright posture.
I started out three years ago lifting 3 lb dumbbells and ankle weights. Today I lift 15 and 20 lb dumbbells and 5 lb ankle weights. The extra strength comes in handy in so many everyday tasks such as carrying in the 40 lb bag of dog food after a shopping trip. I can still perform the 7-year-old ritual of carrying my oldest son to bed each night even though he now weighs 70 lbs! I can toss around my 4-year-old 40-pounder with ease.
Strong women do stay young. Only those who have known me for a long time or who are related can believe that I am 40 years old. Time after time I am told that I don’t look my age. Although I think a look at my wrinkled hands would give me away, most people don’t seem to notice. They notice instead the lean muscular look of my body. It is all thanks to you!”


Husband Starts Strong Women Stay Young Program

“I have been thinking of writing to you for about a year but am only now getting around to it. My purpose is to compliment you on your outstanding book, Strong Women Stay Young. In my opinion, you should get some kind of national prize for your work, because it changes the entire way one looks at aging. Also, of course it works!
I originally bought the book for my wife. However, she finds it hard to stick to any routine. On the other hand, she is constantly moving, constantly busy. So she may be getting enough exercise.
However, I found that the information in your book applied perfectly well to me. I am a 75-year-old male, and observed many of the indicia of aging that you mention: difficulty with balance; muscle turning to fat (the ominous term sarcopenia!); and some osteopenia as well–which really shocked me. At any rate, I devised a program incorporating many of your exercise suggestions. My balance has improved (I can now get into my trousers without leaning against a wall), as has the ratio of muscle to flab. Another unanticipated benefit is that the exercise seems to dispel moodiness and depression. That is why on days when I just don’t feel like exercising, I force myself–and I never regret it because of the mood boost it gives me.
Again, many thanks for a first-rate book and a very, very important contribution to our nation’s health.”


Suzanne is a True Believer

“I have followed the Strong Women Stay Young program for about two years and although relatively faithful, an experience this past winter made me a true believer. In the past I have had medical intervention for a persistent shoulder problem. Since establishing the weight training routine, I no longer have that discomfort. I vary between using the free weights at home or machines at a center depending on where I am. Due to an intervening illness this winter, I was unable to keep my weight training active for about three weeks. I noticed at the end of that time that my shoulder was once again bothering me considerably. I felt able to resume my training (on machines at that time) and after only two sessions, I have been free from all shoulder discomfort. Because of the three-week interlude, I did drop back somewhat in the amount of weight used, but after a few sessions was back to my previous levels. That was about two months ago. I am a true believer now!!”

-Suzanne Young

Not Losing the Battle with Osteoarthritis Any More!

“A little over two years ago I had been losing the battle with stiffness in my joints from osteoarthritis. I had religiously tried walking and then the treadmill and isometric exercises to try to regain my mobility. I had been reading about the benefits of weight training for arthritis but was reluctant to start a program. Then I read Strong Women Stay Slim. I cannot even begin to tell you how those simple strengthening exercises have changed my life! I started out with 2 lb hand weights and have been using 10 lb hand weights for almost a year now. My mobility is amazing as I can run and play with my grandchildren, work in the yard, and ride in a car without stiffness. Now my muscles will not let me go very long without giving them a workout! Thank you so much for such wonderful advice and I tell everyone that will listen.”


Exercise at Any Age

“Last summer one of my sisters gave another of our sisters, who happens to be a nun and was going through chemotherapy, a copy of Strong Women Stay Young. Our sister the nun was so pleased with the book that she started a group exercise program for the other nuns living in the same community home. The response has been fantastic, at least 12 nuns participate on a regular basis. Our sister is now living somewhere else and the exercises are being led by an 80-year-old nun. Most of the nuns are in their 70’s, 80’s, and even a few in their 90’s. It was great to see these women participate and have such a good time doing it. The comment that struck me the most was ‘I can get out of the chair on one try.’ Many felt renewed energy. Thank you.”

-A Sister

Marie Loves Strength Training!

“I purchased your book, Strong Women Stay Young with money my mother sent me for my 53rd birthday. I also used the money to buy the weights needed to start your program. I am 53 years old and 50 pounds overweight. I have tried all the diets known to man and nothing seemed to work. I have tried to exercise, but never kept it up. It took too much time or I’m a sweaty mess afterwards and have to take a shower before doing anything else. But, I have been weight training for six weeks now and I LOVE IT. I CAN DO THIS. I usually exercise three times a week. I began using 3 lb weights for the leg and arm exercises. I am now up to 13 lbs for each of the leg exercises and 10 lbs for biceps curl, 8 lbs for overhead triceps, and 10 lbs for upward row!”


Legs that Put Tina Turner’s to Shame

“What a delight to find that “Strong Women” has a website. I’m 57 and one of the world’s biggest skeptics. Having lost a significant amount of weight 12 years ago, I was dismayed to discover that 14 unwanted pounds had slowly crept back on. I knew it was time to do something before 14 pounds became 20, and 20 became 30. On a whim, I picked up “Strong Women Stay Slim” thinking I might give it a shot.
Well, it’s been six weeks….8 of those pounds are history and my legs would put Tina Turner’s to shame. I am truly amazed at the results in such a short time. Even though the weight loss is minimal, my clothes are falling off me, my stomach is almost flat again and I feel like a million bucks! Exercise is not my forte by a long shot, but this is actually fun and something I really look forward to.
Thank you from the very bottom of my heart…I’m a new woman!”


Medals for Perfect Form

“When I work out, I sometimes get to thinking. This morning I was thinking of you. Feeling real lucky to have been a part of your study in 1992. I have been strength training ever since and I have never felt better in my life. I don’t think I ever felt this good in my life. I thought, ‘I should drop Mim a note and thank her.’ Just than one of the personal trainers at the Y came over and said, ‘If I were giving out medals for perfect form, you’d get it.’ He raved on and on about my workout routine and form. So I bragged about you, your books, your TV appearances, the study, and all the girls who trained me week after week. At least they didn’t waste their time! So thank you. It was the best thing I ever did for myself.”

-Bea (one of the original women in the strength training studies in the early 1990s)

“A New Woman” at 84

“An 84-year-old woman with a hip replacement came to me unable to lift her arms much higher than her shoulders and barely able to go up stairs on her own. After six months of strength training focusing on gaining overall body strength, flexibility, and expansion of movement she can now do shoulder presses with 10-pound dumbbells in each hand to a full extension, and she can go up two stairs at a time! She can do rapid step-ups on the stairs for a minute straight without rest, and she can do abdominal crunches on the stability ball without help. She now comes to the gym and works out on her own two days a week as well as one day with me. The quality of her life and self-confidence has increased dramatically and to use her own words, she ‘is a new woman.’
Another 66-year-old woman came to me with very limited strength, mobility, and evidence of an undiagnosed stroke that was debilitating her left side. After strength training for about nine months, she can do 1-legged squats with both legs, full walking lunges across the gym floor, and clean and jerks with a 45-pound bar! Her left side is now just as strong as her right, and her overall strength has increased by more than 100%!”

-Rick provided this lovely letter. He is a personal trainer who works with older women in the Amherst, Massachusetts area and who trained as a StrongWomen Program Leader at Tufts.

Ellen Has Seen a 3% Increase in Her Bone Density!

“I’m 59 and several years ago I was told I have osteopenia. Rather than take medication I decided to institute a regular strength training routine, and was delighted to learn that after two years of using the Strong Women Stay Young video twice a week (supplemented with Pilates and ballet), my bone density has increased by 3 percent!”


Sally can Lift her Own Bags

“I thought about you yesterday on the plane home from Pittsburgh when, all by myself, I easily hoisted my suitcase up into the overhead rack, much to the amazement and admiration of the strapping young man who was at the ready to help me! Thanks!”

-Sally (PS: I’m 65 years old.)

Harriet Has Lost 4 Inches Off of Her Waist

“Just wanted to tell you what a difference strength training has made in my life. I am 57, have exercised aerobically for most of my adult life and was trim and fit until being diagnosed with thyroid disease about five years ago. I gained 25 pounds and nothing would take them off. I started strength training three times a week a year ago and lost 7 to 8 pounds, but inches galore! Four inches off my midriff, 4 inches off my waist, 3 1/2 off my stomach and one inch off my hips. I am still at it, of course, and intend to continue the rest of my days. I look so much better, feel so much better, and am so much happier. Thank you! Strength training is AMAZING!!!”


Improvements After 3 Weeks

“I love the Strong Women Stay Young program. I’m only in my third week, but I feel (and see!!) differences already. I’m up to 8 pounds for everything but overhead triceps (6 pounds) and I can’t believe it. The salesman in the sporting goods store thought I was crazy to buy 20 pound ankle weights, but I’ve been adding a pound a week and think I’ll fill those babies up. Maybe I’ll go back to the store and kick him!”


Renee Hopes to Pump Iron at 80!

“I consider myself very fit and healthy. I cycle an 11-mile route (with hills) 3 to 4 times a week and walk 2 to 2.5 miles the remaining days. I bought Strong Women Stay Young because your strength training program sounded like a manageable addition to my fitness routine. I’m going into week 6 and I love it. I am totally amazed with the difference it has made. I feel and am stronger. With your help I hope to be ‘pumping iron’ when I’m 80.”


Husband is an Innocent Bystander

I am a full supporter of your program and have read all of your books. My husband is an innocent bystander and has lost 25 pounds in the past two years just by eating what I prepare and working out to keep up with me.


Feeling Better than Ever

“Like so many of your participants, the unforeseen benefits have been extraordinary. I find I am standing taller, not because I have to remind myself, but because my body is reacting to becoming stronger as I work the muscles in various areas.
I do volunteer work at our provincial archives, a walk of about 25 minutes each way. Yesterday was a glorious summer morning as I was actually strutting along, feeling so powerful and well. As I walked past an outdoor bagel shop during early morning coffee breaks, I saw a man do a double take as I passed his table! That was quite a moment for this 73-year-old woman!”


Becoming More Relaxed and Feeling Better

“What surprised me most about the last four weeks is the change in the way I feel about myself. I’m more relaxed, less irritable, and like myself better. I also feel I am doing something good for ME, so this has actually led me to use food less as a source of comfort.”


Christine is on a Lifelong Eating Plan

“I have both Strong Women books. I began an exercise program in March and then added weight and strength training in April. On April 11th, I began the “lifelong eating plan” and it has been a lot easier than I thought. I am still on the program, and it’s been nine months now. I am settled at 123 pounds and have maintained that weight for two months. I find I can basically eat what I want, including chips or ice cream…all in moderation. Thank you. I feel great!”


Strong Women Stay Slim Helped Karen not Overeat at the Holidays

“I am writing to tell you how grateful I am for your book, “Strong Women Stay Slim” with the holidays fast approaching. I have long struggled with my weight, but have pretty much got it under control these days, thanks in large part to your nutrition program in the Slim book. However, the holidays make sensible eating quite challenging, to say the least. Between portion control and rich desserts, I tend to gain a few pounds every year. And I feel anxious and stressed thinking about how to not overeat, especially with the nibbling that goes on during cooking and preparing the meal.
This year, I am committed to using the 1600-calorie plan in your book throughout the holidays, and I feel confident that I can avoid any weight gain. Your plan will allow me to still enjoy the foods and desserts I love, while keeping the quantities of them within reason. Plus, my mother and I have committed to going for a long walk after dinner, since sticking to my usual exercise routine becomes harder at this time of year, too.
Just knowing that I have a plan in place lessens my anxiety during a time that I want to truly enjoy with family and friends. Thank you!”


Taking Better Care of Yourself!

“Your books have inspired me to take better care of myself, and you do a great service for women everywhere. What a lucky day it was when I ran across “Strong Women Eat Well” in the new book section of the library last year. I’ve been following the strength program in “Strong Women Stay Young” since last May. What a difference it makes in my energy level, my weight, my attitude, and my biking abilities. Between the weights and an aerobic program, I improved so much last season that one friend called me the “little miracle girl.” And the more fit I am, the more I am able to enjoy the sport. Next week I begin a recreational weight training class at the local community college. It’s time to shake up the routine and keep my motivation going. A friend once said, “It’s better to wear out than to rust out.” Thank you for helping open my eyes to the truth of that statement.”


Exercise is Now Enjoyable!

“I am 47 years old and had been gaining weight rather steadily in the last 10 years – so much so that my health was beginning to suffer. I had not been able to lose weight with any other methods. In fact, it took me a while to even think about beginning your program because of the negative attitude I had acquired toward “dieting.” Your approach was very non-threatening and the book held my interest because it wasn’t just another deprivation diet program – I could see that it was a lot more than that. When I did start, I found the whole process very painless and enjoyable – even the exercise. Now, I do yoga along with my other exercises and feels great! I have lost 32 pounds and am still losing. Thank you so much – your work has really had a big impact on my life!!!”


Strong Women Books Helped Kimberly with Challenges

“I enjoy your newsletters and recipes, although thankfully I do not suffer from osteoporosis (hopefully never will, thanks to the knowledge gained from being aware of it, thank you), at age 46. Yet, I do face other challenges (namely, weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol), which your practical advice helps to deal with and successfully conquer, with help from some drugs and eliminating others. I always pass the newsletters on to my mother too. Thanks for everything!!!”


No Longer Counting Every Calorie

“I counted calories for years. Finally, about five years ago I finally stopped worrying about calories and began focusing on just eating a very healthy diet. I consume lots of vegetables and fruits and a lot of whole grain. To all of that I mix in just enough fish or turkey to keep myself feeling good. At age 58, I feel better than I have felt in years! Thanks for the reinforcement!”


Betsy Plans to Get in Shape Before She Hits 50

“I have been a fan of yours for many years! I bought Strong Women Stay Young for my mom when she was in her 70s (she’s now 82!) and I have been following your Strong Women Stay Slim program. (I just turned 47.) I have been overweight and under-exercised my whole life, and I decided to get in shape – and stay in shape — before I hit 50. Thanks to you, I have a simple and do-able plan to change my life!”


Adelina Started Strength Training at 62

“Three years ago a trainer loaned me one of Dr. Nelson’s books to read. I had just been diagnosed with diabetes. Now I was in really bad health, because several years ago I had developed high blood pressure and cholesterol problems. I read the book from cover to cover. And there are not enough words to describe how inspired I was. I began strength training at 62 and ever since then, I’ve been faithfully doing it. It has done wonders for me. The strength training, cardio exercises, and lifestyle change have done wonders — all of these things keep my blood sugar levels next to normal. I don’t take any oral diabetes medication or insulin at all. I’m 64 years now and I’m proud to say that Dr. Nelson’s teachings on strength training have given me a new body, which gives me a youthful appearance, not to mention the strength I now have.”


Laurie Lost 21 Pounds and Feels Great!

“My doctor recommended your book ‘Strong Women.’ Being 100 pounds overweight and very frustrated with blood pressure and cholesterol high, I went immediately to the bookstore and bought it. I read the book, got the weights and started. Within six weeks of changing my eating habits, using your checklist, and exercising everyday, three of those days with weights, I lost 21 pounds and feel great! My blood pressure is absolutely normal. I cried at that doctor’s appointment! I was and still am very happy! Changed my life.”


Martha Feels Stronger Physically and Mentally!

“Your book, Strong Women, Strong Bones, has changed my life. Two and a half years of the strength training exercises and my bone density is holding. I feel stronger mentally, as well as physically, and love my muscles, humble tho’ thy be.”