Formerly known as StrongWomen
Strength Training Program

StrongPeople Strong Bodies is a community-based strength training program aimed at mid-life and older adults that includes progressive resistance training, balance training, and flexibility exercises. StrongPeople Strong Bodies programs are implemented in local communities by cooperative extension educators, allied health professionals, fitness specialists, and other community leaders.

Formerly known as StrongWomen
Healthy Hearts

StrongPeople Living Well is designed for midlife and older (40+ years old) adults who currently get very little or no exercise. Each class lasts approximately 1 hour. Half of class includes leader-directed discussion around healthy eating and hands-on cooking activities; the other half includes progressive aerobic exercise, with indoor and outdoor options.

Formerly known as Strong Hearts
Healthy Communities

StrongPeople Strong Hearts is a multilevel, multicomponent program that targets individual, social, and built environment levels of behavior change. It is designed to improve diet and physical activity behaviors, assess local food and physical environment resources, and shift social norms about active living and healthy eating. This 12-week program includes nutrition education, food and cooking demonstrations, progressive aerobic exercise and weight training, environmental assessments and mental wellness components.  

The StrongPeople Change Club program aims to empower residents to improve their food and physical activity environments through strategic civic engagement, capacity building activities, and collective action. The curriculum provides a step-wise process for people to assess the nutrition and physical activity environment of their community, prioritize an issue of concern, engage stakeholders, and develop and implement a plan that will catalyze sustainable and positive changes that can contribute to a culture of health and support health equity.

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